The ancient Greeks regarded gods as beings who could not understand human experience.  The New Testament regards God as entirely capable of such understanding.  In fact, the New Testament claims that God became human.  God’s empathy is through the incarnation.  Jesus is one who necessarily empathizes with human experience because he himself is human.  But he is also the presence of God in human experience.  Jesus is, in effect, God empathizing with human experience. Jesus empathizes not only with humanity but also with God in the world.  Jesus is Son of God who empathizes with human experience and Son of God who empathizes with God’s experience of seeking to be heard by humans.  In Matthew (28:20), “And remember, I am with you always, to the end of the age”.  Jesus embodies God’s ongoing presence in human existence.  For our purposes we can say that Jesus is a manifestation of God actively empathizing with human existence.


(derived from monograph by L. Jervis)

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