Recently I was with a dying patient and her family. 
Spiritual care is one of my roles.

The nurses told me that she was perhaps a few hours from death.  It is striking how much benefit there is in being a comforting, compassionate presence.  She was so gracious, thanking me for being there.  We all prayed and I gave everyone communion.  Then she asked, “Do you know what is coming for me?.”  I smiled and said, “No one really knows.”  She told me,”That’s alright.”  and she smiled back at me.  She went on to thank the family members who were there for being part of her life.  I went back to the office to arrange for a priest.  What really hit home is that at this most vulnerable stage of her life, she had empathy for everyone around her.  She was the comforting, compassionate presence.


Photo by Dave Hutt, www.dmddigitalphoto.com

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