Sharon, Davin, and I had dinner with Geshi Lharampa Tashi Gyatso at Lhalung and Laura's (Lhalung's spouse).  It was a wonderful evening of Tibetan and Japanese food combined with a comparative discussion of western and eastern views on empathy, sympathy, and compassion.  Comparing scientific research with the discernment of Tibetan scholars regarding the function of the mind was particularly interesting, especially since we seem to reach many of the same conclusions.  I am particularly grateful to Tashi for his many insights into human nature as well as his counsel regarding the training of the mind.  He has given me much to think about. 

It was great fun to do a little  comparative religion and philosophy.  We laughed
and exchanged knowledge and opinions.

Then there was a lively discussion regarding whether the Buddha's parents were Hindu's.  Tashi's theory is that they were not.  That went against my Wikipedia knowledge but he had a pretty good argument.  Since Tashi is a life long student of the Buddha, I concede to him until I can do more research on that topic. 

Tashi went on to say that in his opinion, Tibetan Buddhism is the closest to the original philosophy taught by the Buddha himself.  I can put forth no opinion on that but I have learned a lot from my discussions with him.

I must also say that it was a great honor to be able to chat with a man that has acted as a substitute and representative of His Holiness, the Dalai Lama.
He is an authentic and entertaining person. 


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