Hurricane Sandy caused a lot of pain and loss in New York City.  I used to live in Brooklyn and I have been to  many of the places that were hard hit. People have experienced great loss.  No heat, no power, no food for extended periods.  I keep hearing about people that have gone there to help.  Many are pure volunteers.  There was a recent news story of a Chicagoan and his friends that drove to Howard Beach with a grill, hot dogs, and hamburgers.  They set up and cooked hot dogs and burgers for several days.  As fast as they could, as many as they could.  They fed hot meals to people for free.  His empathy was engaged when he heard the story, his sympathy was engaged when he imagined himself in that situation, his compassion was engaged and he took action.   

These stories are recounted as humanity is at its best.  It starts with empathy.


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