I downloaded the above video from YouTube. 
It was made by a physician.  I found it on cranquis.tumblr.com/.  His posts remind me of my time in residency at Lutheran Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY and they can be funny and even touching.  This one illustrates a point that is perhaps different than Dr. Cranquis intended.  The patient is complaining of being stuffy.  The doctor notices life threatening issues.
The doctor  focuses on the heart failure and diabetes and the patient doesn't understand.  I think the doc misses the point.  Even though the patient's concern seems unimportant, even irrelevant to the doctor, it is the patients concern.  It takes just a bit of empathy  and mental dexterity to address the patients concern and make the other conditions relevant to them.  When the patient feels understood they are much more likely to act.

I used this video to illustrate the point with a small group of doctors last week.
As if I planned it, the very next day one of them was presented with a very similar situation.  She remembered and handled it with sensitivity.  The patient had both problems addressed, felt heard, the doctor was a hero, and I got guru credit.


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