My immediate family has always been "heavy". One brother is morbidly obese.
I am not thin but never what I would describe as heavy. I have always wondered what the difference was. I won the genetic lottery? Then 18 months ago I stopped eating gluten. Not because It bothered me, but because we thought my son might be sensitive. In the prior 6 months we had been about 90% gluten free. When I went 99% gluten free, things began to change. In 6 weeks, 20 pounds melted away and it has never returned. In fact, a few more have disappeared. I weigh less now than when I graduated high school. That was with no other effort than avoidance of wheat. I make no other effort in that regard. I am not suggesting that my experience should apply to others but I am wondering about the seeming capricious genetics and the consequence.
It begs the question about obesity and suggests to me that there may be luck or hard effort determining what "eating right"
means. I already believe that food requirements can be very different. That makes sense considering our ancestors had very local diets and were adapted to them. It also suggests that any one person probably doesn't know and blanket recommendations could be very wrong.
Perhaps many of our obese friends and relatives are victims of a generalized diet
and those of us that feel so judgmental are victimizers.

-- Dave
Christine M
2/3/2013 04:41:54 pm

Hi Dave. I think everyone is better off if they think of food as medicine for their bodies. Empathy is important, I agree!

Dave Carsten
2/4/2013 12:38:22 pm

Thank you, Christine.


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