Last night was the violin recital.  After 45 years of not playing, I am playing again.
I shared a stage with students of all ages.  Dr. Kolchanova, our teacher, was there being encouraging to all.  Prior to the recital, she said that she wanted the students to introduce the piece they were playing.  You can probably imagine the small children shyly and quickly announcing what they would play.  I decided to tell a story of our prior teacher, Mr. Racz, who had died in a very untimely way last spring.   I am very familiar with talking in front of crowds and it was a good way for me to focus.  The story was short, funny, touching, and very in the character of Mr. Racz.  The crowd gently laughed as they all shared the mutual familiarity.  I then played a lament, Ashokan Farewell, accompanied on the piano by Dr. Kolchanova.  After the concert many people told me that they had tears in their eyes while that was being played.  I am not a virtuoso, at least not yet, but tuning them to a shared feeling and then having music resonate the same feeling that i had was an amazing connection that I have never experienced before.  It was palpable. One man told me that it had him thinking of his mother and as he told me he hesitated, holding back tears.  One of the moms thanked me for bringing in a way to mourn for our lost teacher.  Music has great power.


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