Abraham Verghese gave a lecture in Portland, Oregon April 2012.  He is a three time best selling author but interestingly he is a physician.  He teaches at the Stanford School of Medicine.  His emphasis is the exam.  Getting to know the patient by listening and by touching.  Although he has a stated love of technology, he criticizes the over-dependence we have on technology, the consequent expense, and the poor outcomes that we may get.  Medicine.....good medicine requires an intimacy with the patient that comes from the understanding of empathy, the willingness to listen, and the thoroughness to do a proper physical exam.  He stated that the average physician interrupts a speaking patient in 14 seconds.  That seems to be steadily decreasing.  Over the last few years I have heard 30 seconds, 17 seconds, now 14 seconds.
This is nonsense.  Are we becoming less and less connected to people?
We need to take the time to listen.

11/9/2012 02:44:17 am

I love your blog not only the web but it's very meaningful and realist.




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