A new Pope was selected in Rome today.  He is notable for several reasons.  He is a South American.  He is a Jesuit.  He started his career as a scientist, a chemist (I certainly like that fact).  He chose the name Francis (the first time that name has been used).  He is not a Vatican bureaucrat.   I think what is most remarkable is the way he has lived his life.  He has eschewed any luxury afforded him by his office as Cardinal of Buenos Aires.  He traveled by public transport, bus mostly.  When he needed to fly, he traveled coach.  He lived in a small, spare apartment.  He spent much of his time visiting and ministering to the poor in Argentina.  That does suggest that he felt it important to have a connection, be empathetic, with the people.  He has spent most of his life either teaching or being a pastor.  Although recognized as a talented intellectual, he has spent his time with the people.  That all sounds promising.  No matter what your faith, the Pope is an influential world leader.


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