Salmon Creek Legacy Hospital has a strong spiritual care department because they nurture it.  One way is by inviting speakers to inform and guide the volunteers and chaplains.  The most recent was the Tibetan Buddhist monk, Geshi Lharampa Tashi Gyatso.  He was accompanied by my friend Lhalung, who translated from Tibetan to English.  I am summarizing two hours of discussion.

Tashi started with, "Love is wishing a happy life for all sensient beings.  Wishing them to be free from suffering.  That is why I am here.  Let me break it down more. "
There are three levels:
1.  Wishing all sensient beings a happy life.
2.  Believing that all sensient beings should have a happy life.
3.  Resolving that I will cause sensient beings to be happy.

It is important to distinguish between love and attachment.  For instance, you wish your parent a happy life and you are attracted to your spouse.  The first is love, the second is attachment. 

Much suffering and conflict is related to attachment of all kinds.  Everything from world conflicts to arguments between three year-olds. 

Working with difficult people gives us an opportunity to practice our love and compassion.  Wishing others to be free from suffering is compassion.

Suffering is related to anger, attachment, and ignorance.  Try to recognize the delusions related to these elements in yourself and free yourself from suffering as much as possible.  It will make relieving the suffering of others more clear.

Meditation can be a tool to clear your mind of delusions.


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